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Father's Warriors: The Name and The Path.

The name came while sitting around the fire being prayed over by my friends many moons ago. They said sometimes people will get a new name from God, which happens often when people take on the path of transformation. I heard a new name that day: “Father’s Warrior.” It’s been a long journey living into that name and one I am still becoming, but now I realize this is not just my name. It's a name describing the heart of a man.

I wonder what God might name you?

Father’s Warrior is a description of our call to wake up to Reality through spiritual formation. In a world that teaches many to lose heart and to be something they're not, we’re invited to discover our true name. 

Father’s Warriors is a resource center for Transformation and Connection. It's an opportunity to embody what it means to be a warrior by understanding we are being Fathered by God, whether we see it or not.

We are here to help you see.

Whether you come here to check out a resource from the library, join a 6-week study with other men, receive personal spiritual direction, read inspired writings, listen to the upcomng podcast, or sign up for a retreat, this is a place for you when you need it.

You were never meant to do life alone. You found this site to regain your sight and there is something for you to receive and something for you to offer. Together, we’ll listen for your new name, while knowing Father’s Warrior is a part of your design to be who God meant you to be when God meant you.

With Heart,

Preston Hall

Lion's Club

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